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Fain Mini Excavator

The Fain Mini Excavator is a shovel fitted to a basic chaser of design and manufacture form France which is CE marked

 It is small lightweight powerful and versatile allowing access to narrow and difficult areas, it is transportable on a trailer of less than 750 kg and does not require any license. The frame is a welded structure which includes tooth wheel and a rotating joint that allows this mini excavator to turn itself 360° the arm rotates 60° to the left and 60° to the right.

Technical Characteristics

Original engine KÖhler 9,5 HP with an electric starter.

The capacity of the tank 7,7L

Warranty 3 years

Maximum depth of excavation 1.10m

Ground clearance 9cm

Maximum digging force 800 dan

Weight 550 kg

Progressive control calve and 4 and 5 elements

Double pump 3,2cc

Suitable and resistant cylinders

Additional hydraulic line

Adjustable seat.