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Super Roman 330mm x 610mm 8mm thick

Super Roman lightweight concrete tiles provide a high quality, low-cost roof. The roof is much cooler to live under than steel sheets and is far quieter during thunderstorms.

Only 8 Super Roman tiles are required per square metre and the batten spacing is at 500mm. Super Roman tiles have a deep water channel and large overlap which enables them to be used on low pitch roofs and also provide a roof which has a higher performance in extreme weather conditions.

Compared to Roman and Pantiles, the cost per square metre of a roof will usually be lower for Super Romans due to the reduced use of construction timber. These tiles provide a very attractive alternative to other types of roofing. These tiles can only be made on the large vibrating tables.

All tile moulds with timber rails can be neatly stacked. This is a good use of limited space and aids the curing process.

The weight of each tile: 4.8Kg
The weight of meter squared: 38Kg

Tile Coverage:

Super Roman: 8 tiles per square metre
Batten spacing: 500mm

Typical Tile Mix:

25% Cement
25% Sand
50% Fine aggregate
Colour pigment optional

Minimum Order Quantity: 50 units with timber frames