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Cast Concrete Block 8 (390mm-x-190mm-x-200mm)

Recommended for internal walls.

The blocks have a hard wearing surface and smooth texture compared to most blocks reducing the need for internal plastering.

The block mould is a casting mould which means the mould is removed whilst the concrete is still wet allowing the mould to be used repeatedly the same day. The steel moulds are filled with concrete vibrated, turned over and removed leaving the blocks to cure.

Output capacity is 80-100 units per mould per day with two workers.

Quality building blocks are essential in the safe construction process. Parry Building Products’ block moulds are designed to give years of trouble-free use. High quality hollow or solid concrete blocks can be made in the same mould.

Vibration is used to produce high density blocks with a lower water content. High structural strength can be achieved with lower cement content.

Alternative sizes can be supplied on request at an additional charge

Typical Block Mix:

2 Parts Cement
4 Parts Sand
5 Parts Aggregate