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Interlocking blocks set

Interlocking block moulds have been developed to be used as a secure perimeter
wall. Using the Parry Building Products large vibrating table these
hollow blocks are cost-effective and, once cured, the blocks are simply
slotted together without mortar, quickly providing a resilient barrier.

Block mould system comprised of three parts—a corner block, a long block and a short
block. By removing the appropriate red insert the corner block mould can make joining
pillar blocks for added strength on long wall runs. By stacking a short block on top of a
long block a true “brick bonded” wall is built. The corner block requires 12mm rebar
(not included) to reinforce corners.

Typical mix ratio for ALL cast concrete blocks is: 2 parts cement; 4 parts
sand; 5 parts aggregate.
Sizes (from left to right):
Corner block - 300mm x 300mm x 200mm
Long block (effective length) - 370mm x 150mm x 200mm
Short Block - (effective length) - 190mm x 150mm x 200mm