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Formwork & Multi StoreyBuilding Kit

Product info

The ‘waffle’ is a precast concrete element which provides formwork for the construction of lightweight reinforced concrete floors for domestic and education buildings.

Manufacturing kits include plastic moulds for the production of waffles. The lightweight cast concrete waffles provide a floor or platform when used with rebar and screed as part of the high and dry building. The moulds are designed to be used with the vibrating table, which can be used in electrically powered or hand-cranked form, depending on local circumstances. As well as the construction of raised platforms and floors in areas prone to flooding, the system can be used to save material costs in concrete floors laid on the ground. As much as 50 percent saving is possible


Use of the vibrating table in the production process ensures a consistent finish, strength, and efficient use of cement.



The moulds may be stacked while curing. Waffles are used with column blocks and column top slabs to construct a suspended floor of a building. Applications also include the use of railway platforms, walkways and docks. By using the waffle system in place of the conventional solid slab, builders can achieve a materials and weight saving of between half and two-thirds of a solid slab.

A typical  production plant consists of the following: -


22 waffle units allowing for  9sqm2 of coverage per day

1 column block mould

One mould for  concrete support pads

Four moulds for casting top column slabs

One full set of accessories