Quality Buildings
Sustainable Livelihoods
Used in 6 continents

Company Info

Parry Building Products supply machinery that has been used extensively in various countries over the last 30 years. We are machine manufacturers who provide a variety of precast concrete moulds for lightweight concrete structures utilising cost-saving construction techniques for affordable housing, storage equipment and decorative products and a number of building designs. We provide consultancy services, manufacture machinery and offer training to maximise our products’ efficiency to the end user.

Parry Building Products strive to provide good quality service to the customer providing a one to one service to each client. Through our network of associates and agents we aim to cater for all your needs from concept design through to delivery. We endeavour to be the vendor of choice for affordable construction equipment in developing countries helping you to succeed in your market.

Eco Statement

Parry Building Products strives to adopt green work practices wherever possible to have a positive impact on the environment. We promote manually powered equipment which does not require electricity, gas or fuel maintaining a low carbon footprint in its use. Our products help create Affordable, good quality housing and social, health and educational facilities which in turn help counteract migration by enhancing  the quality of life of existing local communities and our technologies are seen as sustainable by local organizations.